Frequenlty Asked Questions

What is going to be in my share?

Our shares are completely customizable. You will have the option to choose which veggies you receive and purchase extras if needed. We grow many different crops and varieties, check out our Harvest Chart to see what veggies will be available throughout the season.

What size should I get?

If you are new to the program, we recommend getting the small share. If you consume a lot of veggies, have a large family or like to store things away for the winter, then the medium or large share might work better for your needs. You will have the option to customize what items you receive each delivery/pickup and you can also purchase extra veggies if needed. We can change your share size mid-season if necessary.

When is the first delivery?

In 2021, our Spring Veggie Share will start in mid-May and run for 4 weeks. The Summer Veggie Share will start in mid-June and will run for 20 weeks. You can choose delivery/pickup weekly or every other week.

How do I pay?

You have three different options for payment when you decide to purchase a share. We ask you to pay a deposit of at least 25% upon registration.
  1. You can use your credit card to pay in full at the time of registration.
  2. You can use your credit card and choose the payment plan. The plan will automatically charge your card through your Harvie account. The first payment is 25% at the time of registration. The second payment is 25% when you receive your first share. The remaining payments are charged to your card with every delivery/pickup as you receive them.
  3. You can select “offline payment” at checkout and pay with a different method. We are able to receive payments by e-transfer, cash or cheque. Reach out Marnie at contact@fairsunfarm.ca to make arrangements.

Is everything in my share organic?

Everything we grow is certified organic.
Sometimes we source veggies from other farms if members ask for products we don’t grow, like sweet corn. All of the products we bring in are labeled with the farm name and if they are organic or not. You will have to swap-in products from our partner farms during the customization period, they are not automatically allocated into your share.

How does customization work?

When you join, you will create an account in Harvie, the software platform we use. In your account you will have the option to set your veggie preferences. Your preferences will determine what is allocated for you each delivery/pickup based on what veggies we have available. You will be notified by email what has been allocated for you and you will have the option to swap or add extra items during the 24 hour customization period before your share is packed.

How does pickup work?

At each pickup location we will have a table set up to use as a “transfer table”. Our farm staff member will place your veggies on the table and step back a covid-safe distance. You can then step up and pack them into your re-useable grocery bag(s). Hand sanitizer will be available and we ask that you adhere to the current health unit recommendations with respect to face masks.

How does home delivery work?

We ask that a cooler be left outside to receive your veggies. We will transfer the veggies into your cooler and ring the doorbell. If you have any special delivery instructions (ie: leave at side door) there is a place to enter them in your Harvie account so that we know what you’d like us to do.

What if I go on vacation and have to miss a share?

You have a few options:
  1. You can share your veggies with a friend or neighbour. You will have to organize to have the recipient come to the pickup location or your home to receive the veggies.
  2. You can double-up (or triple-up) on another week by rescheduling your share in your Harvie account. If you’re not sure when you’d like the missed veggies you can simply put your share on “hold” and reschedule it at a later date before the end of the season.
  3. You can contribute your share to our donation fund. Every week we donate missed shares and extra veggies to our local food bank.

In case of inclement weather on pickup day, what do I do?

Inclement weather can be severe thunderstorms, hail, tornado warning. If it’s dangerous to leave your house, stay home. If you come to the pick up location and we are not there, we have likely headed for shelter! We will contact you via email with alternate delivery details.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you’re not happy with our veggies, if you move, or your life changes unexpectedly, we are happy to provide a full pro-rated refund.