Our Farm

Certified Organic Veggies & CSA

Growing with the sun, eating with the seasons.

We grow organic veggies for families in our Ottawa area community.

By growing nutritious chemical-free food we feel empowered to hope for a more positive future in our little corner of the world.

Take comfort in knowing that not only do we grow our veggies in compliance with the Canadian Organic Standards, but we are also concerned with the health of the soil and natural ecosystems. We work with nature instead of against it!

what we grow

Would you like to know what veggies we are planning to grow in 2022?

Download our harvest chart!

Who We Are

Marnie Chown & Patrick van der Burg

We have adventured, learned and laboured together for many years, and we have been able to explore Canada from coast to coast while doing so!

Pat is a wonderful partner and father while also being a passionate lover of plants, trees and all things green! He contributes much love, sweat, hard labour and brute strength to the farm while also being the brains behind the operations. He takes the lead when it comes to farm operations such as planting, seeding, harvesting and more during the growing season. His main goal is to grow as many top quality veggies as possible and share them with our community. It would be hard to find a more driven and determined person!

Marnie is a dedicated organizer, partner, mother, veggie harvester and sales manager on the farm. She takes the lead when it comes to communications, sales, deliveries and farm building projects. It’s not uncommon to find her at the helm of a power tool one minute and a keyboard the next. She sees the best in people and continually strives to deepen the connection between the farm and community.

Where We Sell

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