By choosing to eat meat from animals raised on pasture, you are choosing the healthiest meat possible!

Research shows that meat from pasture-raised animals has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories than meat from confinement-raised animals. It also has more vitamin E, vitamin C and health-promoting fats such as omega-3 fatty acids.

By supporting farms that raise animals on pasture, you are helping to improve animal welfare,  fighting environmental degradation and contributing directly to small-scale farmers’ and ranchers’ livelihoods.

How We Raise Our Animals

We take care to ensure our animals are eating the cleanest and most nutritious feed possible.

We let our animals grow slowly, at a natural rate, avoiding unnecessary use of hormones and medications.

By managing our animals in a way that improves the soil’s fertility over time we are able to produce an abundance of healthy foods while continually increasing the productiveness and health of our land.

Our ewes give birth to their lambs in the spring of every year. The ewes and lambs graze our pastures during the summer and fall. We continually monitor the grass and rotate the flock to a new area of pasture when necessary. By moving the flock at regular intervals, we ensure they are always grazing the highest quality grass to optimize flock health and lamb growth. We have livestock guardian dogs that are bonded to the flock and stay with the sheep year-round. They patrol our pastures and protect the sheep from predators. We wean our lambs in the fall and separate them into different groups depending on age and breed. We select breeding stock replacements, sale ewelambs, sale ramlambs and marketable freezer lambs based on different criteria such as growth rate, litter size, bloodline, conformation and more.     

“As a person that has seen more lamb in her life than she would ever like to admit, yours was the best.” – B.W.

2019 Lamb Price List

Chops $17.50/pound
Shoulder Steaks $14.00/pound
Leg Roast Bone-in $13.50/pound
Shoulder Roast Bone-in $13.00/pound
Stewing Meat $11.50/pound
Ground $10.50/pound
Organs $5.00/pound
Whole Lamb (approx 50 pounds) $450.00
Half Lamb (approx 25 pounds) $230.00

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