Welcome to Fair Sun Farm’s Official Website

We are a small scale food and livestock operation located by Winfield, Alberta, Canada. We pride ourselves in growing high quality food products for the people in our community and in the Edmonton and Red Deer areas. The breeds of livestock we raise were specifically chosen for efficient production of top quality meat given the climate and landscape of our farm.

We sell pasture-raised lamb, pork, chicken and eggs.

We raise all of our livestock on our 155 acre farm. We use regenerative farming techniques to manage our pigs, sheep and chickens. Our meat products are praised for their delicious flavour and juiciness while our eggs are known for their thick, colourful and nutritious yolks. You too, can enjoy the benefits of our pasture-raised food! Check out the “Our Meat Products” page for more information.


We sell purebred Canadian Arcott and Ile de France rams and ewelambs.

We were lucky enough to acquire our sheep from Medicine Ridge Agriculture. Since there were no sheep on our farm previously, the high health and scrapie certification were retained. We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to build on the tremendous work Deb and Ian Clark have done in developing this unique and productive flock of sheep.

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